News From Harney Lane

Thankful message

KKJThe 2014 harvest wrapped up early this year with all our grapes in by the second week of October. The farming work is complete and now it is in Chad’s very capable hands to complete the process. Quite a process it is, considering you won’t see the red wines from this vintage until 2016 or 2017.  That means this is the vintage we will likely celebrate our daughter, Kirsten’s (aka Lizzy) high school graduation with.  Wow…I think I sprouted a few grey hairs just typing that…what special moments our Harney Lanes wines are a part of!

It’s such a humbling thing to realize how Harney Lane wines have been part of your special Wine:30 moments.  What an honor to have our wines included in your wedding celebrations, retirement celebrations and all the other “big days”.  Even more surreal is realizing that we are included in your everyday Wine:30s! thanks2014 Those moments when you are simply enjoying a quiet afternoon, winding down after a crazy day or sharing a meal with a couple of friends.  We are truly blessed that you let our wines be part of your lives and we are blessed that you are part of ours. Please let us know where or how you’ve enjoyed Harney Lane wines. Snap a picture and post it to our Facebook page!

With the holidays upon us, our Harney Lane family would like to thank you for your loyal patronage and wish you and yours all the joys that the holiday season brings!

Cheers! Jorja and team