Our Family

Our Family

Having lived on Harney Lane for over 100 years, we are honored to welcome you into our own backyard! We consider our guests to be extended family, so please don’t hesitate to stop and say hello when you see us in the Tasting Room.

We are thankful for all of the new friends we have made and continue to make through this endeavor, and grateful for the friends who have encouraged us along the way. We relish the opportunity to share our wines and the experience of making them with you! – Kyle, Jorja and Kathy

Kathy Mettler: Our Matriarch Kathy is blessed with the gift of hospitality and can often be found in the Tasting Room, pouring wine and sharing her family’s story. She loves meeting new guests and is overjoyed to witness the transformation of her small family farm into a destination winery, where people come to relax and enjoy some truly delicious wine! When Kathy isn’t visiting behind the bar, she is likely to be found cheering on her grandchildren, Kirsten & Ian.

Jorja Lerner: Despite Jorja’s involvement in all things Harney Lane, she did not initially set out to join the family business. Growing up, Jorja was a keen observer who saw that farming was both a fulfilling endeavor, which took enormous dedication, and also one that could present great challenges and uncertainty. She set out to carve her own path as a physical therapist, which she practiced for 15 years before returning to her roots on Harney Lane. As an only child, Jorja takes great pride in continuing the legacy of her family and the Lodi region. She works alongside her mother and husband to run the Tasting Room and all of the winery’s inside operations, among many other things!

Kyle Lerner: Kyle always says that farming is legalized gambling with more variables. In spite of this assertion, he is thrilled to call the vineyards his “office.” Kyle started out as a young business major, who married into a farming family and eventually joined the game. Mentored by our Patriarch George Mettler, Kyle now has over 25 years of farming and vineyard management under his belt. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about sustainable farming practices and utilizes generations of expertise to continually hone his craft. Kyle loves the challenges that farming and the wine business bring; he is most in his element when he is able to share our Estate Vineyards with our guests.

The Kids: Kirsten Elizabeth and Ian James were very young when their parents and grandparents began making wine. In addition, these two are the namesakes for our flagship “Lizzy James” Old Vine Zinfandel vineyard! Kirsten and Ian have had the unique opportunity to grow alongside the winery, watching their childhood farm transform into a successful family business. Now teenagers, they can often be found helping at Harney Lane’s events and making an occasional appearance in the Tasting Room.

George Mettler-  Although we lost our beloved Patriarch in February of 2013, George left us a legacy of progressive farming and uncompromising standards that still suffuses every decision we make. It was George’s great grandfather who first purchased the Harney Lane property in 1900. His grandfather planted the first vineyards here and they were tended lovingly by his family until George took over farming the family property, soon after marrying the love of his life, Kathy. George loved God, he loved his family, and he loved great wine.  Anyone that knew him also knew that he loved to fish, especially with great friends! We are certain that George would also love how his family continues to bring his legacy to life in the vineyards and the Tasting Room at Harney Lane Winery.

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