Zinfandel Veraison at Harney Lane Winery
Our Vineyard Philosophy: We always say that great wine starts in the vineyard. As a family owned and farmed property, we are fortunate enough to have 100% control over our wines- from grape to glass- ensuring the best possible product for our customers.

It would be hard to imagine Vineyard Manager, Kyle Lerner, doing anything but farming. His love of the land and being out in the vineyards has become a true passion, more than just a career. For Kyle, loving the land means taking care of it in a responsible way for generations to come. It also means embracing the challenges that each year brings- and anyone who knows him will tell you that Kyle loves a challenge. Every year is different, and that keeps farming exciting.

We vigilantly farm our vineyards so that we have a jump start on excellent quality wines. From planting and tending the grapes every season, to harvest and crush, to bottling. We handle our winemaking with the same care as our vineyards: our fruit is handpicked, hand sorted, fermented in small lots and then barrel aged in programs unique to each of the wines in our portfolio.

The Lodi Appellation: Seated between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lodi has been our family’s home for five generations. The appellation includes 110,000 acres of winegrapes growing over 100 diverse varieties! Warm days and cool Delta breezes create ideal growing conditions leading to rich flavors. Read more about Lodi here.

Lodi has long gone unnoticed as the quality wine region that it truly is. We’ve always known that Lodi has the soil, climate and people essential to produce award winning wines. Now, we are pleased to see Lodi gaining the respect it deserves. Lodi is at last becoming a household name and we are seeing increased recognition among wine professionals, connoisseurs and publications across the world. Among other awards, we were proud to have achieved the coveted title of “2015 Wine Region of the Year” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Sustainability: Lodi has always been a leader in sustainable farming practices. We are proud to be a region that is proactive in education and developing revolutionary programs like the Lodi Rules. As multi-generational winegrowers, sustainability is a key to our way of life and business. Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing, or “Certified Green” is a third party certificate program that has awarded our vineyards this designation, allowing us to include this seal on our wine labels. We have adopted farming practices that benefit the environment, the community and the local economy as well as the quality of our product. Read more here.

Sustainability at Harney Lane Winery