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Patriarch’s Promise- A Family Legacy; A Wine with Purpose

Patriarchs on patio

Our Patriarch’s Promise blend has become a Harney Lane staple since the first pour at our inaugural Dinner with the Family in 2012. This proprietary blend has been the center of many conversations and guessing games, as its contents are well known to be a family secret – and we are a tight lipped group! Although we may not be ready to reveal what goes into a bottle of Patriarch’s, we want to take a moment to share the origin story that began with Harney Lane’s beloved patriarch, George Mettler, as well as announce an exciting new chapter for this unique wine.

As a very special, limited feature on our wine list, it is always a lucky day when our Patriarch’s Promise is open for tasting. For those who have had the opportunity to sample it, you know that it is unlike any of our other wines – distinct, full-bodied and flavorful, with rich notes of anise, blackberry and spices. This wine is very near and dear to our matriarch Kathy’s heart, so we love to hear the story as she tells it…

“We have some fruit on the ranch that is considered old-fashioned. Something we haven’t used here in the winery yet. George remembered in his grandfather’s day this particular grape being used as a blending grape and he thought they made really nice wines with it. So, he started bugging Kyle and Chad to make a blend for Harney Lane using this grape. They weren’t real excited about the idea in the beginning…being the stubborn German that George was, he kept at them and, finally, Chad started working on it. Three years later, Chad came up with a blend that George thought was really worth pursuing. George was thrilled and so proud that Chad came around and decided to play with the fruit to make this fantastic wine.”

Although George was only able to indulge in our very first lot of Patriarch’s Promise, we believe that it met (and perhaps exceeded) his expectations. As a final and fitting touch, his daughter and winery co-owner Jorja deliberated over the perfect name, finally settling upon “Patriarch’s Promise” because, in her words, “he had promised that this would make and be a great wine just as he had remembered it to be.” What a tribute!

George by RandyAs many may know, we lost George to cancer in 2013. His legacy certainly lives on through his family, his farm and the winery they worked to create together. In honor of George, as well as many of our winery friends, family and community members who have been affected by this disease, it is our pleasure to announce that we will be donating 10% of sales from every bottle of Patriarch’s Promise to the American Cancer Society. We are proud to support this excellent cause and know that George’s memory will live on through each bottle of Patriarch’s enjoyed!

We feel that one of the best reviews our Patriarch’s Promise has received from really says it all: “Patriarch’s Promise is a direct reflection of the man for whom home, love, laughter, family (and just below that, farming and fly fishing) loomed largest.”

Patriarch’s Promise is available to purchase in the Tasting Room (open daily 11am-5pm), online here or by giving us a call 209.365.1900. If you’d like to directly support the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer, you can do that here. Thank you for your loyal support!

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