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Albarino- not just a summertime sipper

Generally referred to as our go-to warm weather wine (I mean, what’s better than a chilled glass of Albarino while basking poolside? Think scintillating flavors of bright lime, lemon curd and peach blossoms), our Albarino is making a case as an enjoyable wintertime wine as well! In the midst of winter (welcome, we’ve missed you!), we don’t k and c at crabfeed 1typically grab for the Albarino…however, recently we revisited our current 2014 vintage and noticed that it has evolved beautifully! With some time in the bottle (bottled in March of 2015, released in May of 2015), this wine has softened up with a rounder mouth feel and finish, while maintaining great acidity. All we can think about is seafood!

Enter Crab Feed season…this Albarino has the acidity needed to pair beautifully with the sweetness fresh crab offers and as a bonus it’s able to cut through the richness of the undeniable melted butter served up alongside the crab. The minerality that Albarino is oftentimes known for matches nicely with the briny notes in crab.

If you happen to be supporting one of the many Crab Feeds happening this time of year, might we suggest you grab a bottle or two of 2014 Harney Lane Albarino to share at your table and see what everyone thinks! Courtney & Kris had great reviews from their friends!