News From Harney Lane

2010 Epic Vintage?

It has been an interesting season to say the least.  It seemed Spring would never end and summer has been incredibly mild for the most part.  So what has that done for the 2010 vintage you may ask?  Well the proof is showing up in the winery already and I personally can’t wait to see what that translates into in the bottle!!

Normally in Lodi, we fight to maintain acid levels and minimize too high of sugars while waiting for maturity of the fruit and flavors.  This year our acid and pH levels were so spot on with our whites that Kyle and Chad ran the lab analysis multiple times just to be sure.  And amazingly, these white wines are developing lush aromas and flavors.  This could be one of Lodi’s best ever vintages, especially for white wines.

All of Harney Lane’s Zinfandel has also been picked and also have developed “crazy color” and flavors to match.  Now we are just hoping that the weather holds so that the Tempranillo and Petite Sirah can have equally “over the top” years.

So keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, etc that the raining season waits a couple more weeks!  Trust me…it will be worth it when those 2010 vintages are released!!!